Chelsea Welsh

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It’s a bit strange that Chelsea and I met in LA when we were running in similar circles and friend groups in New York for almost the same amount of time. But you meet people when you’re supposed to meet them right? The introduction through multiple women I respected made becoming friends with Chelsea easy. And then when we talked about the roughness that was the first year of living in LA, we decided we would start a breakfast series introducing our real ones, to our other real ones. Our favorite women meeting over a meal, chopping it up, commiserating with one another, celebrating wins and being there in losses.

We both quit our jobs at different points during GOOD MORNINGS, different women have announced their pregnancies at our breakfast club, there have been some tears. When you read Chelsea’s interview, it’s not hard to see why those range of emotions can exist and can happen in a safe space.

When I think of women helping women, Chelsea is my embodiment of that and I could not do LA without her.

Where are you from? If you’re not from LA, what brought you out here?

I grew up in Maryland in a beautiful beachy town with pine trees and cul de sacs.

I went to New York for college and moved to LA when I started touring with Skrillex.

What are you working on that you’re excited about?

I recently opened my own consulting practice. I truly believe it’s the healthiest, happiest way for me to work.

What are you currently struggling with?

Income is like an EKG monitor. It goes up, it goes down, it levels out. I need health insurance… I want security… But I’m building a baby business and betting on myself, so I’m thankful to have a high capacity for risk.

At this moment, what are you grateful for?

I am grateful for my community. For a while, I didn’t have people in LA to lean on and the dark times taught me how vital community is to me. I am fortunate to work and play alongside people that align with my values. People who challenge me to be better and encourage me to think differently.

Where or how do you find rest?

Getting 8 hours of sleep is not something I ever learned to value until this year. I struggled with sleep for as long as I can remember. Sleep, meditation, writing, healing, nature – it all helps me connect to a deeper sense of peace, and that sense of peace makes it easier for me to sleep at night.

If you could give one piece of advice to a room full of people what would it be, and why?

Take care of yourself. Invest in your hobbies, figure out what your interests are, go within, figure out how to love yourself. I swear I never learned these things until like 5 minutes ago, and I wish I had loved myself sooner.

When you’re a cute grandma (grandpa) at 85, where do you picture yourself and what are you doing?

I hope I’m still seeking agreeance and learning. Doing Thai Chi or some sacred practice that keeps me moving. Eating right. Looking after my friends and my family. Loving myself. Sharing wisdom, dancing, partying. Reminding the youth I was fly and fresh way back in 2019.

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