Ariel Roman


Art director, designer, friend. Ariel is a rare breed of Los Angeles native that is hard to come by in a city full of transplants. She mentions it only when she feels like it’s worth saying, a bit opposite of New Yorkers who can’t wait to tell you (I love you New Yorkers but it’s true).

I can’t remember when we met, but every time we’ve connected about community, women, contacts, help, she’s schooled me with no pretense, just all education and love.

Learn more about her current work and how she finds rest.

Photograph by:  Lauren Moore

Photograph by: Lauren Moore


Where are you from? If you’re not from LA, what brought you out here?
I am from Los Angeles. Moved to Oakland for college, followed my love out to New York for six and a half years, and then moved back home almost four years ago.

What are you working on that you’re excited about?
My work at Doubleday & Cartwright is keeping me pretty busy these days, and I am very stoked to collaborate with folks I really admire there. I don't have much time for projects outside of work right now, but my husband and I are working on a capsule for a good friend with a brand I'm very excited about.

What are you currently struggling with?
Getting more than 5-6 hours of sleep a night :-)

At this moment, what are you grateful for?
Grateful for my health, my home, fairly clean drinking water, and the amazing people I have found myself in the company of.

Where or how do you find rest?
I am one of those people who like an active recovery. Early morning hikes, or swimming outdoors before work are my favorite ways to take time for myself, and feel centered.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? What’s the greatest piece of encouragement?
My first-ever day of swim practice, I got out of the pool and told my mom I wanted to quit. Puzzled, she looked at me and asked how I was already so sure I wanted to quit when I hadn't even finished one practice, let alone a full week, or my first season? I didn't realize it then, but she was advising me to be patient with myself, and not make any rash decisions. Haven't forgotten that one yet. Also, she was clearly really good at tricking me into changing my mind.

Devo's "Gates of Steel" is my favorite piece of encouragement!

When you’re a cute grandma (grandpa) at 85, where do you picture yourself and what are you doing?
Hopefully Los Angeles will still be inhabitable, so I can swim, play dominos, and roll my eyes at everything with my boo, Yego.

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