Abby Pendergrast


Abby is my interior design go-to. She’s also one-third of Better Business, a series we started to help entrepreneurs help themselves. She is sassy/southern/self-aware (her words, but I can’t agree more) and is an interior/event/prop stylist and designer hailing from Memphis. Learn more about her and hire her.

Where are you from? If you’re not from LA, what brought you out here?
I had always wanted to move to a big city like NYC or LA. Growing up, I always thought it would be NYC, but one college internship in LA made it hard to think otherwise. The sun, the creative energy, and the fact that I was somehow able to convince cool creative people to hire me pretty much sealed the deal! A brief hiatus to Austin really made me realize how dynamic LA is. You can truly be whatever or whoever you want here!

What are you working on that you’re excited about?
*cough-cough* BETTER Business, our side-hustle event series teaching folks tangible tools to help them better their businesses! It’s been fun to see it ebb and flow of the series, and how impactful it has been to both myself and attendees.

On the styling/creative end, I have been working with brands as a prop stylist, and it has been super fun to see their products translate visually on a larger scale for ad and digital campaigns. (If you have a brand, let’s talk!)

What are you currently struggling with?
Always always always managing my finances. I find a lot of my anxiety and stress comes from money, and being a freelancer managing the fluctuating income has been tough. Trying to put to use the tools I have been learning at BETTER Business, but it’s really been unlearning old habits and reminding myself that I am running a business, and I need to keep my financial shit together!

At this moment, what are you grateful for?
My health and my supportive family. I have been trying to write down 3 things I am grateful for daily, and with my job(s), it requires a lot out of me physically. So, the fact that I am in good health being able to pursue what I love is such a blessing. That, and having a crazy supportive family that always reminds me to keep pushing and exploring, even if it means I fail.

Where or how do you find rest?
Hah. This might be my second biggest struggle. But since I recently moved into a new place, I have been finding slow weekends at home to be much more restorative. Cooking healthy meals, lounging on the sofa, stretching and going to bed early!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? What’s the greatest piece of encouragement?
You are freer than you think you are. You have the power to do whatever it is that you want, and exploring every opportunity you have will lead you where you need to go. It seems cliche, but the more I have learned to trust the universe, the more happiness and success I have found. It’s not always easy, but knowing that you have the freedom to fail, live and try again always tends to work for me!

When you’re a cute grandma (grandpa) at 85, where do you picture yourself and what are you doing?
Dressed like Iris Apfel, probably with a white wine spritzer lounging in my backyard playing cards and entertaining my friends.

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